The Sims 2: Part I

The Hand of Mockery

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Aww. How cute.


This is the really bad reproduction I made of my family. That's me in the back. See me? I know, I never wear leather jackets in real life, but hey! It's a game!


The first thing I decided to do (after buying a house and furnishing it) was to send Sim-Pedro to the park at nine thirty at night, where he met was Sim-Juliet (what the hell is SHE doing here at this time of day?). Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. What if I were to make Sim-Pedro and Sim-Juliet fall in love, then kill off Sim-Romeo (preferably of starvation, although the game gives you some other options) and make Sim-Pedro and Sim-Juliet live happily ever after? I know it's a really morbid idea, but it's THAT kind of game.


After some chatting, three jokes, some flirting and a very awkward game of "Punch-You-Punch-Me", Sim-Juliet finally fell in love with Sim-Pedro (which Sim-Pedro decided to celebrate by waving at the camera. Dork). It's always amazing to see how easily Sims fall in love with each other. Or how they can slap the crap out of each other one day, then wake up and act like it never happened the next. If only it were like that in real life.

Meanwhile, back at the Ezcurra household...


Jesus Christ. Come on, guys! It hasn't even been a full day and you're ALREADY burning the house down?!


You're supposed to put the FIRE out, dad! Not yourself!


This is unbelievable. I don't have time for this. Seriously, people. I leave for just a SECOND, and this is what happens.

To Be Continued...

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